Art of Smart

Training FAQ's

Q: I was on the mailing list, what does this mean for me?

This means you have exclusive access to this site. We only have 128 spaces for year one, 8 every 3 weeks for 12 months in order to make it scalable. Because you have messaged us before the official launch we have given you access before we open this up to everyone. There are an overwhelming 200 of you on the mailing list so we thought this was the only way to keep it fair. On the 5th of June we will open this up and this web page will be accessible to everyone.

Q: Are you offering any discount on the training?

Yes! For the first 24 people to sign up there will be a 25% discount saving you £500. We will also be giving away a free place if it makes it to ‘general release’. This will be given away on our new instagram page AOS Academy. You can follow that here

Q: How long is the Training?

The training is 5 days long.  Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.  It needs to be 5 days long to get through all the content properly and so you’re ready for installations out in the field.

We have been asked and may do some smaller training courses later on, but for right now, we are focusing on the full partner Training.

Q: What does the training cover?

#AOSstandards – Training covers how to work like Art of Smart – build racks, do a termination box, connect data cables, of course #RainbowSpaghetti, configure CCTV and WiFi, installing speakers and multi room audio, video matrix’s and video distribution, dressing cables, connecting lighting panels, numbering and labelling. Lots of REAL WORLD installation skills.

We will also cover how to sell a smart home, how to support a smart home, remote maintenance and fault finding AV systems. Plus how to read and edit documentation properly to update the customer file.

Q: Is the training centre COVID-19 safe?

Yes. Every effort has been made to make the training room COVID safe. All training bays are 2m apart and have perspex dividers and where possible will be using new components or sanitising hardware and the training room between groups and sessions.

We will also have ample gloves, sanitiser and masks should you wish. There will also be a COVID risk assessment for you to read and sign at the beginning of the week.

Q: What happens after the training?

That is down to you. Completely. We are giving you all the skills and knowledge required to install PROPER smart homes. If you decide that’s where you want to end it, you want to do your own thing or we can do an introduction to Control4 for you.

HOWEVER – hopefully you understand what we’re trying to create here. A national network of smart home installers that only want to to work to the highest standards and leave the best projects. We want you as part of our team of national installers.

We will give you the back end support, design, quoting and purchasing all materials (minus Control4) for you to just get out there and do the ‘fun stuff’. My team is now on your team.

The right people will also work on Art of Smarts projects moving forwards and any full time positions within the Art of Smart team will be offered to partners first and foremost.

Q: Who is the training designed for?

The training is designed for anyone that wants to get a better understanding of smart home installation and first class installation methods.

Q: Who is the training run by?

The training course is run by Rich Heppell – owner of Art of Smart Group Ltd. An electrician by trade with 15 years industry experience that now specialises in creating the finest Control4 smart homes around the UK.

Q: What qualifies you to deliver this training?

After only 3 small years in the AV industry we have propelled ourselves into our own lane. We’ve gone from working as an electrician to being recognised as one of the leading smart home companies in the UK. We won the 2019 Control4 circle of excellence award and 2020 Control4 volume dealer of the year award.

In less than 3 years we have gone from being the ‘new kid on the block’ to one of the most well known companies in the UK with a reputation built on quality. Of course along the way their have been lots of mistakes, most of which were expensive, we’ve been let down by products not performing as they should, we’ve made calculated risks and invested in bringing people in earlier then required such as our design team and now we have perfected every element of what we do as a business. We’re now ready to open this up and share the blueprint with you to implement in your own business.

Q: Why are you doing this training?

Combination of reasons. I have been asked so many times ‘where can I learn to do what you do’, or ‘how do I get into smart homes’. We tested the water and there was a massive demand so we decided to develop this training.

We now get enquiries from all over the UK, of course factoring in travel and accommodation can make us expensive. I’m a yes man and I hate saying no – so we want to build a national network of people that want and can work to our standards, under our brand and we can trust in front of our clientele. We want to bring AOS quality installations to every corner of the UK at a good value price point for our clients whilst also building an unparalleled support network.

There are a lot of AV companies that bash electricians and not having the necessary skills to do smart homes. Truth is they’re scared. In fact all of the rescue projects we have undertaken are by ’experienced’ AV companies with no passion or quality control.

Q: I am already a Control4 dealer – can I come on the training?

For sure! If you feel you could benefit from the rack building or social media aspect then absolutely. Please let us know in the pre-course questionnaire that you are a Control4 dealer so we can slightly tailor your learning experience differently.

Q: What is provided on the training? 

Aside from the wealth of knowledge, refreshments and lunch each day you will also receive an AOS partner t-shirt and merchandise. 

Q: Will this make me Control4 qualified?

No. That’s a whole different beast. Let’s get the basics right first. This isn’t a programming course, more of a ‘finishing school’ and will teach you best practices for smart home installation. There will be no direct training on Control or Control4 composer programming software. However there will be lots of hands on experience working with Control4 components to get you ready for installing smart home in peoples properties to the highest of standards.

Q: I want to bring my whole team on this training, is there a discount to be done on the price?

If you would like to bring 5-8 people on the training – please Contact Us and we will tailor a specific training for your company outside of the current training places.

Q: Will I get a qualification for this?

At this moment in time, no. The time and cost associated with getting it accredited made it nonviable before launch. We will be investing back into this heavily and will is something we will be looking at. That being said we would like to think being AOS trained would actually stand for something and a qualification on a piece of paper aside, this is more about developing your personal skills, ability and confidence.

Q: Will you be running more training?

Hopefully! We are focusing on the first 12 months and plan to continue this indefinitely. Only one session for 8 every 3 weeks. We have had a lot of interest in smaller courses specifically on rack building, social media and even programming techniques from other Control4 dealers. If you have any requests please Contact Us

Q: Where is the training held?

Training will be at our York training centre. Unit 7, Stirling Park, Clifton Moor, York, North Yorkshire, YO30 4WU

Q: Do you guarantee work after this course?

We do not guarantee work – however for the right people that attend training and show that they work to the highest standards then we will do out utmost to make this happen. But don’t forget – this is a partnership and it works two ways.

Q: Will you be franchising and offering territories?

No. We have been advised to set up franchises by so many people. But it doesn’t fit the business model. The business has been built on quality – simple as that. We want to make the partner scheme accessible to anyone with a similar mindset for quality and leaving first class work. By assigning people areas just because they can afford the franchise fee doesn’t guarantee quality but by keeping in control and ultimately overseeing every project means we can.

Q: What happens if you have 2 (or more) partners in the same area?

We would encourage the partners to work together on the project – to a certain extent we are better together. If they didn’t want to for whatever reason then a simple rule would have to be applied, in life you get out what you put in. If there are two or more partners in one area then we will offer the project to the partner that has put in the most effort post training in order to market smart homes in their local area. This will be decided on a points scheme to keep it fair.

Q: Do I have to pay in full?

Yes. Payment in full at the time of booking is required. However we have teamed up with Klarna Finance so you can spread the costs in line with their terms – this will be added soon.

Q: How can I pay?

Payment is via credit or debit card, using PayPal check out. If you have a PayPal account – great! If not just check out as a guest in the PayPal check out portal.

Q: What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel, as long as there is 45 days notice before your training week we will find you an alternate date. If you don’t want an alternate date we will look at reallocating your space to somebody on the waiting list and refund you.  However please note, that if it is not possible to fill your space then a refund will not be given.

Q: Can I come on this course from another country?

Yes. Although you must be able to understand, speak, write and read English well. All training is subject to UK taxes and thus may not be reclaimable in your home country.

Q: Is the training available online?

No. Not yet. However in 6-12 months time we will be bringing the content online in multiple languages. If you are from a country that is not English speaking and would be interested in translating the course for us please Contact Us.