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Coax Cable Crimper for F and BNC Connectors

Compression crimper provides fast, reliable multiple-type compression connector installations
Crimps compression F, BNC, and RCA connectors to inside (premises) coaxial cable: Mini-coax, RG58, RG59, RG6, RG62, and RG6QS
Adjustable universal plunger ensures optimized crimping on multiple types of connectors
User-friendly F/BNC/RCA gauge markings on tool for accurate positioning and quick adjustments of the plunger
Integrated F-connector ”nest” assists with cable insertion
Open channel design for easy insertion of all connector head styles
Spring loaded return increases user comfort and ease of use
Enhanced pivot point for smooth wobble-free operation
Yellow contoured grips enhance comfort, visibility and allow quick identification
Steel body with chrome finish resists corrosion and extends tool life
Compact tool with integrated handle lock for easy storage

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This compact Multi-Connector Compression Crimper features an adjustable universal plunger that quickly and accurately crimps multiple types of compression connectors. User-friendly gauge markings indicate correct plunger positions saving you time and eliminating guesswork. An enhanced pivot point provides smooth wobble-free operation. This compact tool also has an integrated handle lock for easy storage.


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