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AOS Custom SuperRod Kit

The AOS Pro Installer Kit is a 13m cable rod kit designed by professional installers, offering a choice of 4 flexibilities, 13 metres of rods, 12 cable handling innovative attachments and 1 swivel end, all packed in a very handy carry case.

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The kit features:

• Adoxim 5® is the only rod material that has been specifically designed to reduce splintering and increase flexibility

• AXM fittings designed for strength – all fittings on the end of the rods are mechanically crimped, which allows them to carry a load of 250kg

• Designed & Manufactured in the UK



• 2 x (6mm x 1m) Black Adoxim 5® Rod

• 4 x (5mm x 1m) Red Adoxim 5® Rods

• 4 x (4mm x 1m) Yellow Adoxim 5® Rods

• 1 x (5mm x 1m) Glo Rod with Swivel End

• 2 x (5mm x 1m) Nylon Rod

• 1 x (5 x 175mm) Flexi Lead

• 1 x Tuff Hook

• 1 x Super Magnet

• 2 x Domed Bullet

• 1 x Flat Bullet

• 1 x Magnetic Bullet

• 1  Spike Bullet

• 1  Chain & Magnet

• 1  90cm Chain

• 1 x Super Grip (04–06mm)

• 1 x Super Grip (11–15mm)

• 1 x Carry Case branded AOS

• 1 x Tough Carry tube


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