Art of Smart

Smart Homes

Art of Smart specialise in creating Smart Homes. Our Smart Homes are made, designed and installed completely bespoke for you and your family and can include one or all of our services.   Your favourite music or radio station can be set to wake you up on a morning.  Blinds and curtains automatically opening at sunrise and sunset.

Outdoor lighting turning on at sunset each evening which automatically updates each day of the year.

An all off button by the front door that automatically turns off all AV equipment, turns off all lights and sets your security system to active and turns the heating off.

Cameras and sensors that can alert you to people on your property and send a screen shot to your mobile.

Video intercom at the gates that can display the image on any TVs that are currently on – or if you are away from home you can tell the delivery driver where to leave your parcels.

Media rooms or cinema rooms that are just like being at the cinema, in the comfort of you own home.

Fast and Reliable WiFi coverage in every room of the home and even your garden too!

It sounds really cliche but your imagination is the only limitation to what we can provide, Why not get in touch today with one of the team and begin your smart home journey!

Home Cinema

It is really as good as it sounds! A dedicated home cinema, stealth cinema or media room in your own home. We can design a home cinema to any budget in any room from a spare bedroom, to a garage to a basement! Friday night movies with the family have never been the same…

Electrical Installation

We can provide full electrical installation works for your project too, either using your own electricians or using our national network of partners. Either way having control of the electrical element too ensures for a smooth running project. That being said – we can also work with your site electrician if you already have one arranged.

We are registered with NAPIT and all of our partners are qualified to sign projects off either under NICEIC, NAPIT or Stroma.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting not only simplifies the home but de-clutters the wall space. External lighting can automatically be programmed to come on at sunset, an all off button by the front door turning off every light in the house – however if your not home within 12 hours we can have lights automatically turn on in what is called ‘Mock-occupancy’.

We can also offer a full lighting design service for your project wether or not we are doing the electrical element.


CCTV and alarms are some of our most requested services. You want to protect your family and your castle. We can have alerts set off the second your exterior perimeter is breached and message your phone with full playback from anywhere in the world.

We can even have your CCTV monitored by a third party or police response should your insurance request it. 

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What we refer to as the fourth service. You need your gas, water and electricity and more importantly you need good WiFi.

We have all become so reliant on the internet and WiFi wether that be for work, the kids home work or just a browse on the socials or YouTube. We can ensure you’re getting 4 bars through-out your home AND garden should you wish. No more buffering!

If you’re in a bad internet location we can also provide 4G internet to your property.

Smart Heating

Whether traditional radiators, wet or electric under floor heating, Air Conditioning or a mixture of all of the above. We have you covered and can give you a simple way to control all of this simply using the app or a touch screen in your home. Whether you want to shut it all off when you go on holiday or maybe you have guest bedrooms that you don’t want to waste money heating when they’re vacant we can give you an easy way to do this. No more confusing timers!

Multi Room Audio

One of those things that once you’ve had, you can never go back to living without! Music in your kitchen whist you’re cooking, cosy evening on the patio after a BBQ with some tunes on, or the radio in the shower on a morning – whatever it is we have you covered and can give you access to all your favourite music services in all rooms. 

Whats also really cool – is that one of our music systems has so many more uses then just for music. Your speakers are also now your door bell so you never miss a visitor and we can get them to trigger an alert in the kids room when dinner is ready!

Video Distribution

We rid of all of those ugly black boxes from under your TV and hide them out of the way in the AV rack. However the clever thing is – you have access to all of your sources in all of your rooms! (that are connected to the system).

A simple Control4 remote control in each room controls every source and automatically changes into the source remote when it’s selected to be watched in that room! So simple even a child can do it.

Blinds and Curtains

A real luxury on a smart home – it’s one of our more ‘expensive’ options however for clients that opt for them they end up being one of their favourite elements of their smart home.

Curtains and blinds can be programmed to close at sunset and open when your alarm clock goes off in the morning but to also close during the day if the temperature in the room exceeds a certain temperature to assist with solar shading.

Design Services

We do offer a design only service. If for whatever reason you’ve decided you want to DIY your smart home or get your own contractor in – we provide a service to tell you how to go about this.

We have our own in house smart home designers that can create a set of drawings and cable schedules for your project.

System Rescue

Art of Smart have gained quite a reputation for taking over and fixing other peoples installations. However more often than not people are over sold and under delivered on these smart home systems. The rack end is left resembling a big mess of cabling with nothing properly labelled or documented.

We have a lot of experience in coming into the unknown and making sense of this has been left, getting everything in order and back working again.

We will bring back your confidence with your system you have probably paid a lot of money for, fixing any issues and then putting you on one of our after care plans.

We promise you that if this sounds familiar. Get in touch and we can help and make your AV install nightmare go away.


One of the MOST important elements of the job. Its technology! With the best will in the world using the best components and installation techniques, from time to time things will go wrong, a firmware update will break an integration, Sky Q box will lock up, Internet provider will cause something to break.

When you are covered by our after care you have access to our technical support line and direct access to one of our programmers 8am – 11pm 7 days a week. Our engineers have remote access into site due to the components we designed into your smart home and can assist with fixing any issues remotely. They also have access to all documentation and photos and can fix 90% of issues remotely. In fact they will even proactively fix a lot of issues before you even notice! Now that is service!

If issues cannot be fixed remotely we will attend site within 48 hours to correct the issue.

Service issues can be logged via call, text, email or using your AOS customer platform login where all your project documentation is stored.

12 months after care is included free of charge when you have had a system installed by Art of Smart and then is billable per month by direct debit thereafter. The cost includes your Control4 4sight Licence which is usually £99 +VAT per year.

If you choose not to renew your after care that is completely fine, it’s optional but recommended  for peace of mind with your system. You can still book a standard call out or telephone diagnostic should you discover an issue or need help.

If you are not an Art of Smart customer but like the sound of our after care platform – please see our System Rescue post below for more information.