Art of Smart

New Website for Art of Smart

Okay, okay – I’ve finally caved and decided 3 years in that now was a good time to get a website.

Up until now we have done surprisingly well using our Social Media platforms and it is no secret that this has played a major role in our growth – however with where the business is going and the launch of Art of Smart Group Ltd and what we plan to do with this it was now essential for us to have a website.

The business is still thriving and we have grown to a team of 11 hiring 3 new staff during the COVID-19 quarantine with enquiries still coming in thick and fast, 45 in lock down in fact! – however with the launch of the training academy and national partner scheme we just thought a website was a great fit. As always with Art of Smart we have a couple of tricks up our sleeve and our new in house web designer Noel is going to have his work cut out! – More on this soon.

The plan moving forward is the same as always – quality, quality quality. I’m a firm believer that you are only as good as your last job and will continue doing everything in our power to leave exceptional user experiences and caring for our clients and the projects long after our project completions.

Thanks as always to those following and supporting the journey. I am forever grateful – Rich.

COVID-19 Update

CODID19 Update – What a strange time. I know the whole corona virus situation will have effected many businesses in many different ways however in all honestly ‘lock down’ has been a blessing for us.

We have been remotely maintaining all of our sites – however have only had 3 service issues reported during this crisis all for which were fixed remotely and two of which weren’t even a direct issue with one of our systems – a testament to the quality we produce.

It has given me time as a business owner to stop – reflect – and make the necessary changes being so busy had stopped me making for too long. We have reflected on our weaknesses and implemented new software procedures to streamline everything we do.

One of our major flaws in the past was how long it took us to get a quote out of the door and I estimate It cost us a lot of jobs last year. We now have a new system in place where you will receive a quote within 48 hours from your survey. This will be accessible along with all project documentation, invoices and passwords in a new customer portal – you can even book service calls though here too!

We have a new customer CRM (customer relationship management) and project management platform and Rich will be moving into more of an ‘overseeing’ role ensuring all our clients are 110% happy and ensuring as a business we are exceeding your expectations at all times. Plus making sure your jobs come in on time and on budget.

Of course the lads are all desperate to get back to work and we have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline – but only when it is safe for them to do so. When they do return to work all vehicles will be stocked with the necessary PPE and RPE if deemed required. New risk assessments and method statements have been created ready to ensure everyone is working within government guidelines.

We have also designed our new office to adhere to the 2m rule at all times.  We also have 3 new staff to introduce you to!
This situation is changing all the time – and we will as always keep you updated.